Server Management

Having a great IT infrastructure do not guarantee system security along with optimum performance. Constant Server maintenance is very much required to keep it running seamlessly.

Server management is about having control or access to a physical, virtual or application server in order to perform different types of administrative or maintenance operations. Server management also involves server monitoring and visibility into how a given server is operating to help improve and optimize performance.

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Fundamentals of Server Management

Regardless of the type of server that is being managed, there are a number of basic fundamentals.

Access Management

In order to manage a server, a server management tool, server management service or server management software needs to be able to access the server it is trying to manage.

Updates or Patching

Among the most basic server management functions is the ability to help start and install operating system, software or firmware updates.


Some server management tools and services will also provide optimization capabilities to improve server efficiency and overall operations.

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Capacity planning

A more advanced feature is some cases is capacity planning which provides a forecast of server utilization, helping administrators to plan for when additional resources will be required.

Alerting / Reporting

The ability to alert an administrator, via email, SMS, slack, phone call or some other messaging system to different errors and incidents is another helpful component of server management.


The ability to setup new software, add-ons or functionality is often a core feature of server management.Monitoring. Providing the capability to monitor different types of servers for status, performance and anomaly detection

Our Services to Manage Server

When system hardware and Software gets monitored so that common issues are caught and corrected before they become big problems. Apstia engineers implement scheduled preventative maintenance to more effectively conduct advanced performance monitoring, key application maintenance and OS & 3rd party patch management.

Our dedicated team of system engineers always ready for troubleshooting any errors developed during production and restore the server in minimal downtime.

Our Well trained technicians examine servers on regular basis and find ways to increase performance to enrich customers experience with the services offered by our clients.

Server management engineers are responsible for keeping systems secure. They create security barriers to keep the hackers to at bay. Advanced Technology supply a managed backup of your servers at regular intervals so none of your important data is lost in case of an emergency.

One of the greatest benefits of contracting Advanced Technology for your server management duties is cost. You no longer have to worry about maintaining a large staff. A good server management provider will charge a fair price, and for that you’ll get a number of techs available to handle your needs any time, day or night.
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