Why Choose Us ?

We are working with system administrators in cybersecurity domain for the past decade and have extensive experience of handing threats at every level.

Deep understandings of Technology

We are working in the technology field since long time. Our collective experice is more than 50 years.

Tailor Made Solutions along with Reporting Support

We provide tailor-made services to fit customer requirements and budget along with robust reporting process. Apstia team spent a significant amount of time with clients in order to understand the requirements and how our technical team
provide the best suitable solution.

Customer Centric Approach

Customer needs are our topmost priority and we always strive to provide best in class service. Our team provides continuous support to during and after solution implementation for customer delight.

Affordable Pricing

Apstia’s cost-saving approach focuses on customer requirements rather than prepacked solutions. We believe in quality at affordable pricing, which makes our expertise in reach of everyone.

Choose from a variety of our Technology services

Security Audit Assistance

We assist organizations to get compliance ready through our fully transparent state of the art technology platform.

Cloud Management

In the era of cloud computing, we provide best in class cloud management & maintenance services.

Monitoring Services

We design detailed monitoring solutions for your custom applications as well as Infrastructure.

System Administration

Our Vulnerability Assessment services identify, quantify and prioritize system vulnerabilities.

Server Maintenance

We manage your server infrastructure which never goes down.

Network Management

Our expert network engineers provide round the clock maintenance and monitoring service.

Why Security of digital platforms is of utmost importance ?

We help you secure your endpoints to ensure data privacy of the platform.

Digital platform contain multiple information’s about customers, products, service, financials and other processes. In today’s digital world Information is most important asset for an organization which needs to be upto the mark.


Platforms we work upon

Cloud – AWS | Azure | GCP | Digital Ocean | Alibaba Cloud
OS – Linux | Windows | Solaris | HP-UX | IBM AIX
Web – PHP | .Net | JAVA | Python | Go | Ruby
Mobile – Android | IOS

We Proudly Support