Who are we?

Apstia is a team of experienced IT experts who are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of rapidly expanding organizations and safeguarding digital landscapes against non-performance and offline threats.

Our primary focus is on delivering feasible and sustainable solutions for new-edge medium and small enterprises, encompassing top-tier IT support and maintenance. In conjunction with IT support, we have been actively engaged in the realm of system cybersecurity for over a decade, continuously refining our processes and upgrading our tools to combat everyday cyber threats while optimizing system performance.

We offer innovative IT solutions and consulting services that enable digital transformation and business automation. Our ultimate aim is to create tailored, customer-centric solutions that exceed expectations. To achieve this, Apstia remains at the forefront of emerging technologies, investing heavily in research and development, and adhering to the latest industry benchmarks and compliance standards.

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Mission & Vision

apstia mission statement


Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their IT security and compliance goals with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Through our advanced automation and security tools, we will help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce risk, improve compliance readiness, and enhance operational efficiency. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to customer satisfaction, technical excellence, and affordability.

apstia vision statement


Our vision is to create a world where every digital company can operate with confidence in their IT infrastructure and compliance on industry standards. We will achieve this by developing innovative, technology-driven automation solutions that ensure real-time monitoring and assessment of their systems. Our commitment to empowering companies with the latest security measures and industry standards will guide us towards this goal.

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