We all are very familiar and accustomed to Microsoft and its products since the beginning of the personal computer era. Thinking computer without Microsoft seems impossible despite windows not being the most efficient operating system. Over a period of time Microsoft has given us many good products such as MS Office, Skype, etc but from time to time it launches products with very minimal utility for customers. Recently Microsoft has launched a Windows 365 Cloud PC , let’s understand its usability and feasibility at present.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC ?

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a cloud-based computer that can be accessed by any device to use as your personal/work computer. A user can access this windows 365 cloud pc directly from Microsoft’s server with any device(mobile/tablet/pc). With Windows 365 businesses can create accounts for up to 300 users, each with their own instance of Windows PC (Windows 10 for now, and Windows 11 when it’s released).

What can be done on Windows 365 Cloud PC

This cloud PC will be working as a normal PC like any other computer where you can do all your office work along with personal tasks.

Windows 365 Cloud availability

Microsoft offers Windows 365 for business and enterprise customers. At present only enterprise Windows 365 cloud pc is available in India starting from 1555 Rs/Month/User’s price tag.

Benefits of Cloud PC

Besides high cost and small target audience cloud pc offers a few excellent advantages over mainstream PC’s. Let’s explore a few of these advantages.

  1. Easy Accessebility enables work from anywhere
  2. Reduce Security risk
  3. Choose from a variety of performance options to suit your needs
  4. Faster than ever before

What makes us sceptical for Windows 365 Cloud PC fesiability ?

Apart from being based on a cloud, we at Apstia don’t see any clear advantage of cloud PC for personal computing needs. According to our research and user review following are the shortcomings of Microsoft’s cloud pc platform

  • User still need a hardware to access cloud PC
  • Monthly cost for cloud pc is way to high for general purpose usage. For an estimated 3 years usage of cloud pc would cost around 56,000 Rupee. According to current market price you can buy a good company laptop with better configuration in this amount.
  • User need to pay for all the softwares except Windows and MS office platform so there is no additinal benefit to it


Time will only tell the future of Cloud PC in the present time, although seeing its usability at premium pricing seems very little. Microsoft shall review its pricing to make it more affordable to retail and business customers.