Since the digital revolution our dependability on internet has increased exponetialy. We all rely on internet for our daily search , product/service purchase or inquiry and general awarness. Every business aspire to be on top of search results of any search engine and only a well planned search engine optimization startegy can help to achieve it.

What is search engine optimization SEO ?

Most of people assume that SEO is limited to content publishing on internet which can not justify the usability and techniques of a thoughtful search engine optmization strategy.

A complete SEO process have 5 different phases

  • Research – It involves competitor analysis, keyword search, audit of existing content and research about concerned industry
  • Planning & Formulating Strategy – This phase start with preparing a long and short term strategy for content publishing, build and manage website links and manage social media presence
  • Implementation of Planned Strategy – It is the most important phase of SEO. Having a sophisticated SEO strategy is not the seal of success but a good implementation ensures sure shot result
  • Monitoring & Assessment -It involves observation of current trends, ranking of search engines, analysing key performance matrix along with report producing.
  • Maintenance – SEO is an ongoing process and needs regular update in content based on analysis.