What is IT compliance?

Information technology is the backbone of almost every business organization. To run a business process efficiently, there are certain rule, regulations and policies need to followed. If such rules and policies are focused upon data security, storage, infra and access then it falls under IT compliances.

IT compliances are the set of rules which defines following for an organization

  1. Infrastructure development requirement, rules and policies
  2. Process development and data flow of process
  3. Data Security and storage policy
  4. Data Access policy
  5. Monitoring and reporting
  6. Disaster recovery plan

Why do an organization need compliance certification?

First thing first, It’s a non-mandatory / voluntary requirement for an organization. An organization need compliance adherence only if they are falling under compliance requirement due to working in such an environment or industry.

For example if your organization deals with customer data of EU citizens, in that case the organization need to comply with GDPR compliance which ensures to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.

How Apstia help your company get compliance certified?

Apstia uses complex monitoring and assessment technology for IT infra audit to make your company compliance ready for an audit in couple of months. We follow transparent workflow to make any company compliance ready with apstia’s evidence gathering tool, automated monitoring, security algorithms and auto security patch systems.

Follow 6 simple steps to get compliance assessment audit ready

  1. Select Compliance Certificate ( Ex.-SOC2/ HIPPA/ PCI-DSS, ISO)
  2. Set Rule, regulation and Policies for selected compliance
  3. Bring assets onboard and start evidence recording, monitoring and reporting against certification requirements.
  4. Run compliance readiness audit
  5. Check audit status and resolve pending compliance with Apstia’s automatic patch functionality
  6. Live status of compliance assessment readiness

Certifications covered by Apstia