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Cloud management is centralized management of a company’s Informational technological infrastructure of servers, software, data storage, network platforms online (the cloud).

Our Cloud Services

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There are several tools to manage cloud activities such as resource deployment, use tracking, data integration, and even disaster recovery

cloud management gives immense automation and self-service capabilities through various open-source tools and technologies.

CM improve business security, speed and compliance management with industry-leading SLAs and security practices.

Our proactive cloud management services support critical business processes in today’s fast-paced digital workplace.

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Apstia is there to help you in any type of cloud

Private Cloud

Private cloud infrastructure is operated solely for a single organization. It can be managed internally or by a third party
Benefits – Private cloud systems can provide flexible storage capacity and computing power for different areas of business.
Shortcoming – Lack the element of hands-off management that makes cloud computing an attractive economic model for leveraging IT

Public Cloud

Public cloud services are delivered over a network that is open for public use. In this model, the IT infrastructure is owned by a private company (Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft or Oracle are popular providers) and members of the public can purchase or lease data storage or computing capacity as needed
Benefit:- Very cost-effective and very secure

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud environments are comprised of a combination of public and private cloud services from different providers. Organizations may want to keep some data on private cloud servers for privacy and security reasons, while leveraging public cloud applications at a lower price point for less sensitive information. When these public and private environments are interconnected, the result is a hybrid cloud environment

How we work at Apstia to Manage Cloud

We monitory cloud activities with our state of the art softwares which enables users to access and manage cloud instances through a API and command-line interface (CLI).

Service We Offer in Cloud Management

      Cost Management

      Apstia addresses the challenges of both cost management and state of the art infrastructure. We provide cost-benefit along with the industry’s best cloud solution which fits customer requirements.


      Digital workspace is ever-changing and we at Apstia adhere to the latest cloud security compliances.
      Apstia’s professional highly engaging services give an assurance of the latest industry practices.


      Apstia provides best solution for connected cloud space. We facilitate cloud-first policy for new-age businesses as cloud makes everyone’s life easy by giving high connectivity, performance and security.


      The complex Cloud environment has been always a challenge for IT engineers. We at Apstia delivers world-class managing capabilities to prevent, detect and respond to security threats in and from the cloud.


      Our cloud automation service marks a significant improvement in ease of build and deploy applications. Our multi-cloud automation service save the day for cross-platform users.


      Apstia’s clound monitoring service includes reviewing, observing, and managing the operational workflow in a cloud-based IT infrastructure. We build customize cloud monitoring solution for our customers which suits their individual needs.

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